Monday, 2 November 2015

How is disability represented in the Eastenders clips?

During the clip when Donna has just woken up after her one night stand with Fatboy you can see that she is been represented as weak because of her disability because she struggles to reach over for her medication. the fact that she is taking medication also adds to the fact that she may be weak. However, later in the clip she is seen setting up her shop. When she is ding this they use a very low shot so that you cant notice her weakness. also in this clip she is confronted and instantly becomes powerful by defending herself in this section. Later on, during a conversation a mid-shot is used which puts her and her friend on the same level as each other showing the equal relationship between the two characters. Close up shots are also used to turn you away from the fact that she is weak because of her disability.

Later on in the clip we see Donna meeting with Fatboy for a date during this clip you can see that Fatboy is very nervous about meeting Donna. In this clip Donna falls while getting changed and asked for Fatboys help when he comes to help he sees her struggling and he seems to get nervous and starts to panic about her falling. you can see in the clip that she really doesn't mind about falling over as she is used to it. she then starts to boss Fatboy around which shows that she is more powerful in this clip. after he helps her up a mid-shot is used which shows both of them looking at each other which represents equality between the two characters. Donna then goes to kiss Fatboy and he pulls away from her, this shows that he is discriminating against her because of her disability and you can see that she recognises this and tells him to get out shouting at him.

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